All of our chicken, butter and some of our pork is supplied by Red Barn Free Range Chicken.

Why our Chickens TASTE so DAMN GOOD!

It’s pretty simple, really. They are allowed to live FREELY and to grow up naturally as chickens should do. Our chickens have constant access to a natural diet and enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine. We do not use artificial growth stimulants; do not feed meat or bone meal; and do not use antibiotics, (although for humane reasons we reserve the right to medicate sick animals if required). We raise our birds outside on pasture where they can scratch in the soil, eat green plants and whatever bugs they find. We move the birds to clean fields on a regular basis. This has the added advantage of spreading the poultry litter around which is important to the management of our fields. Raising chickens in this way takes a little longer. Our birds reach marketable weights in 8-12 weeks as opposed to 6 weeks which is the industry standard. This longer growing period is a key factor in growing a tasty LARGE chicken. Our chickens mature at their natural pace.

A few of Good Food Club facilitators have visited the farm and loved it, If you are passing through George pop in for a visit.

From Jenny at Red Barn regarding the pork they supply:

“The Pork is grown by a long-time friend Martinus from Albertinia. He is not a computer person or a cell phone person, but he grows the best pigs ever! We have been to his farm many, many times and we just love what he does. He even grows his own feed for the pigs. His pigs are feed a natural diet of grass, house hold scraps(fruit and veg peels), oats, wheat and other grains. They are never given any antibiotics, hormones or force feed. Just happy pigs!”

They have also started using biodegradable bags when they pack our goodies

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