Can I order any time?

Unfortunately not, The orders are only open for a certain period because we don’t deal with stock on hand but rather order from the suppliers I get updates from them if anything is out of stock. We are dealing with farmers who are dependent on all sorts of elements.

Can I order more than once?

For sure, I always forget to add something to my order and have to go back.

Can I order for a friend that doesn’t live in the Greater Hout Bay / Llandudno / Camps Bay area?

Yes you can, not a problem at all. There might also be a GFC in their area so when you pop by for market day, Lets chat.

Do I have to order every month?

No! You definitely don’t, BUT because the GFC is limited to a certain number of members (in order for it to remain manageable and community driven), so if you don’t order for 6 months plus (ish), your spot might be given up to someone who is more eager to get involved.

Where do I park on Market day?

My home is at the top of the sand drive way, You can either park on the sand pull over on the main road or there is a vacant lot half way up my driveway.

Can I pay with cash?

That’s a negative on that one, we only accept EFT. Things can be tracked easier and it is safer that way.