From their website: Mastro Dario the ‘Salami Maestro’. When nine years ago Dario Soresi and Bruno Battaini started to experiment the production of salami here in South Africa they soon realized that the real problem was going to be the nature of the very changeable climate with hot days happening in every season, which could be a real cause of salami going bad. The most economical route would have been that of adding poisonous Nitrites, which is widely used, but Mastro Dario chose to make Salami without Nitrite or preserving liquids that give a smoked taste! It’s better to have salami that don’t appear deep red in color and are made with no poisons! Our Salami matures for months, in special cold rooms wrapped their own natural yeasts getting slowly that special taste! The genuine taste of times gone by….

Dario says ‘when I offer salami to my granddaughters I know they eat genuine and not carcinogenic food!”

The meat used is from a farm here in George ‘Van Rensburg Meat’, a high quality closed-circuit farm where pigs are born and slaughtered, with no hormones, antibiotics, diseases and stress from transport, which causes adrenalin surges in the meats that alter its’ taste, color and tenderness!

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